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She-nannigan’s creates the hottest scene on Division Street every day of the week.  Featuring ample-sized dance floors – including stages and bar top dancing – there is a terrific mix of old and new music hits that give the “House of Beer” (as it is sometimes known) our own unique nightlife flavor.


A must-hit spot for the A-list, She-nannigan’s hosts annual events that have featured appearances from Ike Reilly, Dave Matthews, The Go Go’s, Cracker, Drive-By Truckers, Squeeze and more.


During the day and early evening, this is the mecca for sports fans (She-nannigan’s always has all the major sports packages on TV) and a popular post-game spot for Cubs and Sox fans alike.

Combined with a basketball hoop, pool table, and a wide mix of clientele, there is never a lack of entertainment at She-nannigan’s.  365 days a year, the ultimate party is more than just a nightly occurrence.  Here, it’s a way of life!






Monday: 3pm – 4am

Tuesday: 3pm – 4am

Wednesday: 3pm – 4am

Thursday: 3pm – 4am

Friday: 3pm – 4am

Saturday: 11am – 5am

Sunday: 11am – 4am


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